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Everyone reaches a point where they realize that they need a technical person to help them with their project. That's where we come into the picture. We use our experience in sports, manufacturing, sales, marketing, financial, and other fields to help you improve your bottom line by saving you time and money. Please take a few minutes to read more about some of the services we offer.

About Us

Harry Cooper - CEO / Owner
The "Jack of All Trades" is what Harry prefers to be called. From his time as a high school athlete, Harry has always used his drive and determination to become the best in every field and project he has encountered. He has worked in the athletics industry, the manufacturing industry, the marketing industry and many other industries as a consultant or manager.

After receiving his degree at the University of Pittsburgh, where he was also a teaching assistant in the Computer Science Department, information technology assistant for the Athletic Department, and consultant for various businesses in Pittsburgh, Harry went to work full time for Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh is one of Pittsburgh's largest marketing firms. During his tenure at Cavanaugh, Harry implemented numerous upgrades, from a new ERP system to a webstore suite. These enhancements allowed Cavanaugh to leverage its technical resources to expand their reach to numerous national and international clients. While at Cavanaugh Harry worked with companies such as Pfizer, Alcan, Air Products, and many more large and small corporations.

Harry subsequently worked at CyberSports, Inc., the leading software company in college recruiting, before putting in a few years at Ampro in Primos, PA. At Ampro Harry assisted the manufacturing company in bringing their technology and processes together into a single ERP system and streamlined infrastructure all while maintaining complete cost neutrality. Additionally, Harry helped in the building and launching of Ampro's Corporate Marketing department.

Harry returned to CyberSports in 2005, where he worked as a project manager and developer until 2010. Harry was instrumental in coordinating and bringing online many new products and systems to support the continuing growth of CyberSports. One of the more enjoyable aspects of his time at CyberSports was the ability to work with most of the top collegiate athletic programs in the nation.

In 2011, Harry began work on his Master's degree in Cyber Security Intelligence and Forensics at Utica College in Upstate New York. Harry chose Utica College as they are one of the leading programs in the security field.



Matt Neimeyer - CTO / Owner
Starting at an early age, Matt took his first programming class in second grade and has been working with computers ever since. His first website was developed in 1994 and was targeted to Netscape 2. Since then he has gone on to develop web sites on a variety of platforms and in a variety of programming languages.

In 1994 Matt enrolled in the Parks and Recreating Managment program at Virginia Wesleyan College. After leaving VWC he worked on his own with a small group of consulting clients while working in various Customer Services jobs. It was here that he learned the two driving principles of "Customer Service" that he has since tried to live up to. First, only make promises you can keep and then make sure you keep them. Second, whatever job you are doing become the best at that job that you can.

In 1999 his consulting led to a full time position with R:Base Technologies, Inc in Murrysville, PA. At RBTI he was responsible for developing desktop database applications as well as database driven websites. He also ran a bi-monthly training seminar for clients who wanted to received advanced one-on-one treatment. Following two years at RBTI he again returned primarily to consulting.

In late 2004 he started working with CyberSports, Inc to develop new tracking and communication products that eventually formed the heart of their CyberSuite core product line. He became a full time employee of CyberSports in 2005 and worked to support the products he had initially developed. Recently he transitioned the product line from Visual FoxPro to an entirely new MySQL driven back end and developed several in-house applications that handled conversion of existing customer installations. These applications considerably shortened the conversion process. One of his few regrets about his time at CyberSports was that there simply wasn't enough time to develop new applications and at the same time forge relationships directly with clients.



A New Chapter
In March of 2010, Harry and Matt decided to combine their skill sets to provide technical expertise to a new, wider audience and left CyberSports to form Thimbleweed Consulting. Thimbleweed hopes to continue supporting former clients and employers and plans to expand its reach to include other companies, institutions, and organizations across the country. Harry's "Jack of All Trades" mindset and Matt's in-depth Geekery will serve as a foundation that will allow Thimbleweed to provide the skills needed to provide clients the help they desire.


Just some of what we offer...
Thimbleweed Consulting works hard to stay on the leading edge of technology while at the same time supporting critical legacy systems. Thimbleweed believes that organizations should approach their technological issues with an open mind. We want to build a long term partnership with you, our customer, and ensure that you get a system that will work for you without overwhelming you. You've got ideas and experience that shouldn't have to change.

Below is just a short list of some of the services that we offer. From websites to Enterprise Resource Planning, from computer hardware to databases, from start to finish, we strive to offer you a one-stop shop to fulfill your technology needs.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), setup, configuration, management and more.
  • Website design and integration. From the local pizza shop to national ESPN affiliate sites we design sites tailored to your size, budget and needs.
  • Database design: Track athletes, pencils in your Office Supplies cabinet or anything else. We will design a database system that won't force you to change to fit the software.
  • Technology and Infrastructure upgrades. Move from paper and pencils to digital devices and services of all kinds to speed up your productivity.
    Let us leverage our knowledge, understanding, and skills to help meet your needs.

Thimbleweed Consulting provides two different forms of pricing.

  • Project Pricing: After discussing your project we will provide you with a flat fee estimate. If we underestimate, you do not pay a cent more. (Note: Major project changes can result in a new quote being presented for approval)
  • By the hour: We will perform services for you at a flat hourly rate, $50/hour in most cases. We bill in 15 minute increments for most work, onsite work will be billed in 30 minute increments. On Site services outside of Central New York will be quoted.



Do you see yourself here...? Well here are just a few of our customers and some of the key features we did for them!


RecruitEval (Call us for more details @ 412-362-5907)
Custom Solution for Scouting Companies.

  • Data Conversion and Imports
  • Site Wide Integration of all aspects of scouting
  • Custom Profile System, Video System, and more
  • Streamline Day to Day Operations


Since 1999 FootballScoop has been the premier source for coaching job information.

  • Seamless Conversion from Worpress
  • Site Wide User Integration
  • Custom Ad System
  • Streamline Day to Day Operations


Read The Coverage
Football news brought to you by sports experts who happen to be fans at heart.

  • Covers Every Major Team
  • Dynamic Content on Every Page
  • Quick and Simple Interface
  • High Customizaton with Low Work



Studio D Merchandise
Up and coming promotional products company developing programs for each client.

  • Quick Delivery! 3 days!
  • Eye Catching Promotion of Key Items
  • Geek Free Form Design
  • Bringing Our Marketing Skills to Bear



A Play A Day
The hottest new football plays described in depth by some of the hottest coaches in the country.

  • Daily Video Releases
  • Multiple Products/Permissions
  • Custom Mailing Lists
  • High Bandwidth - Fast Loads



Arizona Sports Concussion
A new program developed by University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has been brought to bear in Arizona. Ensuring everyone who plays sports can have access to concussion testing.

  • Custom Software Development
  • Online Registration/Checkout System
  • Google Maps Integration for Site Lookup
  • Payment System with Coupon/Contract Code integration.