Friday July 19, 2019

Just some of what we offer...
Thimbleweed Consulting works hard to stay on the leading edge of technology while at the same time supporting critical legacy systems. Thimbleweed believes that organizations should approach their technological issues with an open mind. We want to build a long term partnership with you, our customer, and ensure that you get a system that will work for you without overwhelming you. You've got ideas and experience that shouldn't have to change.

Below is just a short list of some of the services that we offer. From websites to Enterprise Resource Planning, from computer hardware to databases, from start to finish, we strive to offer you a one-stop shop to fulfill your technology needs.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), setup, configuration, management and more.
  • Website design and integration. From the local pizza shop to national ESPN affiliate sites we design sites tailored to your size, budget and needs.
  • Database design: Track athletes, pencils in your Office Supplies cabinet or anything else. We will design a database system that won't force you to change to fit the software.
  • Technology and Infrastructure upgrades. Move from paper and pencils to digital devices and services of all kinds to speed up your productivity.
    Let us leverage our knowledge, understanding, and skills to help meet your needs.

Thimbleweed Consulting provides two different forms of pricing.

  • Project Pricing: After discussing your project we will provide you with a flat fee estimate. If we underestimate, you do not pay a cent more. (Note: Major project changes can result in a new quote being presented for approval)
  • By the hour: We will perform services for you at a flat hourly rate, $50/hour in most cases. We bill in 15 minute increments for most work, onsite work will be billed in 30 minute increments. On Site services outside of Central New York will be quoted.